Esther Akoth, commonly recognized as Akothee, has become a topic of discussion online following the cancellation of her scheduled visit to Ng’iya Girls Secondary School. Initially, Akothee had been invited by the school’s principal, Mrs. Hellen Juma, to address and inspire the girls in their pursuit of education. However, the church overseeing the school objected to her presence, resulting in the cancellation of the visit.

This development sparked conversations across social media and engaged many Kenyans in various debates on the matter. While some believed Akothee should have been given the opportunity to speak to the girls, others supported the decision to bar her, citing concerns about her not being the best role model due to her controversial history on her path to success.

Reportedly, the church’s perspective is that Akothee’s journey has been marked by controversies, and they believe that the girls need a more suitable and deserving speaker to motivate them.

Akothee has since addressed the incident, confirming that the church did indeed prevent her planned visit to the school. She expressed gratitude to Mrs. Juma for her belief in her and for granting her the chance to address the schoolgirls. Simultaneously, she encouraged the church to continue praying for non-believers and guiding them towards salvation.

“Thank you so much, Lady Helen. May the Almighty bless your heart,” Akothee conveyed her appreciation. She reminisced about their meeting at Sinyolo Girls and praised Mrs. Juma’s generosity, which aided Akothee in her efforts to support the less fortunate, despite arriving late. She expressed gratitude for the opportunity to stand with the marginalized, acknowledging that the universe works in mysterious ways. Akothee acknowledged that Ng’iya Girls Secondary School has gained global recognition due to the incident, and she values the love and trust shown to her. She affirmed her commitment to supporting any cause that positively impacts society.

Addressing the church, she added, “To the Diocesan Bishop, I understand your perspective. Keep praying for us non-believers so that we may all meet in heaven on that day.”

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