YouTube has shut down the account of the controversial content creator Andrew Kibe, citing a breach of its terms of service as the reason for the closure. Kibe, known for his provocative criticism of Kenyan celebrities and contentious opinions on current events, had garnered approximately 474,000 subscribers on his channel, where he had uploaded around 3,100 videos prior to the termination.

The closure of his popular account elicited a mix of astonishment and celebration from both supporters and detractors, thrusting Kibe to the forefront of Twitter trends.

While he did not openly address the termination of his account, Kibe took to X (formerly known as Twitter) and seemed to downplay the termination as a minor setback in his creative journey.

“Train to escape from rocks long ago; these are the noises of frogs. The time for going live remains the same,” Kibe remarked, indicating his intention to continue producing content on other platforms.

Kibe, now based in Texas after departing from a radio hosting role in Kenya, has swiftly ascended the social media hierarchy, drawing comparisons to British-American kickboxer Andrew Tate, who shares his first name. On a local level, he has clashed with various Kenyan celebrities, including Bahati and Diana, former Governor Mike Sonko, and even fellow content creators.

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