A 39-year-elderly person is nursing wounds at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Educating and Reference Clinic (JOOTRH) in Kisumu Region after a pack of four cut off her toes during a burglary episode which saw the crooks take Ksh.12,000 from her.

The lady, reports say, was coming from a chama meeting in Nyalenda on Thursday at around 9pm when she was waylaid by the cruiser riding posse at Pals region.

She was then kidnapped and taken along the Kakamega road to the Kiboswa area. The aggressors halted at around Mamboleo where they apparently went after her.

Ruto’s Head of Staff Felix Koskei says crooks blackmailing Gov’t authorities in his name
They then carried off the said cash and the lady’s telephone in the wake of hacking off her right leg’s toes.

JOOTRH authorities say the lady was hurried to the office on Friday morning after which she was worked on to settle her condition.

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