Detectives have apprehended a female suspect in connection with the brutal homicide of Eric Maigo, the Acting Finance Director of Nairobi Hospital. Cynthia Lusega Andalo was arrested and brought before the court through a miscellaneous application on Monday afternoon. Subsequently, the police were granted permission to detain her for five days as they continue their investigation.

Law enforcement officials suspect that Andalo may have had knowledge of or some association with the primary suspect, as they were seen together earlier on the night of Maigo’s murder at his residence in Woodley.

Further evidence indicates that Maigo’s assailant used two kitchen knives during the attack in his bedroom. According to phone records and CCTV footage analysis, Maigo was last seen on Thursday evening at a recently opened popular entertainment club along Ngong Road. At this venue, he encountered three women, one of whom was Andalo. The police visited the club as part of their efforts to identify all individuals who interacted with Maigo that night, leading to the identification of Andalo. Two other individuals, believed to include the main suspect, remain unidentified.

An examination of Maigo’s mobile phone records revealed that he had sent money to several people on Thursday before his tragic demise, with Andalo being among the recipients, receiving Ksh.650 from him. Surveillance footage indicates that Maigo subsequently left the club in the company of a woman believed to be the primary suspect. Phone records show that they went to another entertainment establishment along Kilimani Road before returning home around a quarter past 10 pm.

Two kitchen knives discovered near Maigo’s body bore similar sets of fingerprints, suggesting that the killer used both knives. However, detectives have not yet determined whether the victim was stabbed with both knives simultaneously or one after the other.

Given that nothing appeared to have been stolen from Maigo’s residence and considering the 25 stab wounds on his chest, neck, and face, investigators are leaning towards the theory of a crime of passion or a perpetrator consumed by intense rage.

Samples were collected from the victim’s body for further analysis and toxicology tests to determine if he was poisoned prior to the murder, as there were no signs of defensive injuries.

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