The One Kenya Coalition Party, known as Azimio la Umoja, has described President William Ruto’s first year in office as a disastrous period for the people of Kenya. Azimio leader Raila Odinga, during the assessment of the Kenya Kwanza Regime’s first-year performance conducted by the Azimio Economic Council on Saturday, criticized the government for failing to fulfill its ambitious campaign promises to Kenyans.

In his evaluation, the Opposition leader assigned a score of 30 percent (equivalent to a D minus) to the current administration. Raila Odinga emphasized how the government’s language and actions had changed significantly since taking office, pointing out, “There were promises made during the campaign, but that rhetoric has shifted since they assumed power. Our assessment of this regime is 30%, which translates to a D-.”

Raila also issued a warning that Kenyans would engage in a different form of protest going forward, stating, “As you are aware, we have collected over ten million signatures from Kenyans… we know how we will use these signatures. This time, we are not urging the citizens to return to the streets; if they do return, it will be for entirely different reasons. Stay tuned!”

Raila criticized the Kenya Kwanza regime for interfering with devolved functions and the misuse of state institutions, hinting at a new type of anti-government protest.

While acknowledging the impact of the global economic recession, the coalition leaders demanded that the government provide solutions to the challenges facing Kenyans instead of merely expressing regrets.

The committee presented assessments on various aspects, including the economy, education, healthcare, devolution, legal and governance issues, gender, youth, and housing.

Azimio Deputy Chief Agent Dr. Caroline Karugu echoed Raila’s sentiments, highlighting that the regime had failed to fulfill many promises made to women and youth, including representation in the cabinet and improved access to markets. She pointed out that primary healthcare costs had seen a 200% increase across the country, making access more expensive for citizens.

In summary, Azimio la Umoja has criticized President William Ruto’s first year in office as a failure to fulfill campaign promises and hinted at a different form of protest, while also highlighting various issues affecting Kenyans.

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