The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Collusion has repeated that it won’t participate in conversations of force imparting to the Kenya Kwanza organization during the continuous bi-sectarian discussions between the two gatherings which started on Wednesday.

In a proclamation, Azimio noticed that its concentration during the discussions is fixated on tending to the predicament of Kenyans faltering from the unforgiving financial climate and not the interests of legislators subsidiary with the outfit.

“We will regard and maintain the pride of all members in the discourse. We will not haggle for any type of force imparting to the Kenya Kwanza Collusion or put any private interest in front of the interest of individuals,” said Azimio.

While expressing gratitude toward resigned Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo for working with the discussions, Azimio added that it will take part in the discussions sincerely while looking for an only result for Kenyans.

“We will look for arrangements that address the freedoms and interests, everything being equal, presently and in future and we will maintain and advance respectability, straightforwardness and responsibility all through the exchange cycle,” said Azimio.

“We will guarantee regard for the Constitution and law and order and consistently and truly update individuals of Kenya on the advancements in the meantime.”

Talks among Azimio and Kenya Kwanza were affirmed in Monday after the two groups chose a date, time and setting for the discussions which are supposed to open the impasse that has seen the resistance lead mass fights the nation over.

The two political sides had their most memorable sitting at the Bomas of Kenya in Wednesday with the group chiefs, Kalonzo Musyoka (Azimio) and Kimani Ichung’wa (Kenya Kwanza) driving the discussions.

Among issues that will set the mind-set for the discussions incorporate the period the thoughts will take with Azimio having proactively articulated itself that should the discussions not add up to anything toward the finish of August, fights will continue in September.

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