More than 20 armed bandits have once again targeted Baringo County, setting up an ambush for herders who were tending to their livestock in the Nenteiyo hills of the Kiserian area on a Thursday afternoon. As reported by the local chief, George Gateiya, the bandits opened fire on the herders and attempted to steal their cattle while they were out grazing. This led to an intense firefight between the bandits and the GSU officers from Kiserian, who responded to the distress calls.

Chief Gateiya mentioned that the exchange of gunfire continued for over half an hour before the attackers were eventually overwhelmed and managed to escape towards the Chepkalacha area in Tiaty Sub-county. The incident resulted in the suspension of classes at Kiserian Primary School, with both students and teachers seeking safety, some taking refuge inside classrooms.

Tension remains high in the region, just one day after the same bandits executed another audacious attack in the Kapindasum area, which lasted nearly six hours before they were repelled. During a visit to the Kapindasum area, local leaders, including Baringo South MP Charles Kamuren, County Woman Rep Florence Jematia, and Senator William Cheptumo, denounced the incident and called for a thorough investigation into two private helicopters (one blue and one white) suspected of supplying the bandits with ammunition.

These events are part of an ongoing series of bandit attacks in the area, which has been designated as troubled and perilous. In response, a multi-agency security team has been deployed to combat banditry. Meanwhile, Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) troops have taken the lead in patrolling the region following a previous attack on a General Service Unit (GSU) camp by armed bandits, who laid siege for more than six hours.

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