Chaos erupted in Meru County on Sunday during the ‘Okolea Program’ event hosted by Governor Kawira Mwangaza in Makiri, Igembe South Constituency. Infuriated residents expressed their discontent by slaughtering a cow and destroying the mattresses that Mwangaza had intended to distribute to the public.

These protests stem from the intensifying conflict and discord between the Governor and her Deputy, Isaac Mutuma. Makiri happens to be the hometown of Deputy Governor Mutuma, and the community perceived Mwangaza’s actions as disrespectful and arrogant towards their community.

To control the situation, law enforcement had to employ tear gas to disperse the protesters.

In a statement posted on her Facebook page, Mwangaza placed blame on Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Mithika Linturi for the unfortunate turn of events. She invoked spiritual language, suggesting that those who sow evil will reap it, and she declared that Linturi and his associates would not take her position.

Mwangaza’s deputy has reportedly faced difficulties both in and out of office since their falling out with the County boss in April. Some of his office staff were reassigned, and there were reductions in vehicles and travel allowances. Furthermore, there were reports of power outages at his official residence, believed to be a politically motivated effort to pressure him into resigning.

During a visit by President Ruto to the Igembe region the previous Sunday, Kawira Mwangaza accused Meru leaders, including her competitors Kiraitu Murungi and Mithika Linturi, of being a group seeking to control and dominate Meru County, often referred to as “cartels.”

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