Roads and Transport Cabinet Secretary Murkomen has announced that there are currently road repair operations underway on the Southern Bypass in Nairobi County. These repairs involve the placement of temporary speed bumps.

CS Murkomen made this statement after inspecting the road in response to reports of several tragic accidents caused by the speed bumps on the road, particularly involving drivers who were not familiar with the ongoing maintenance work.

He explained that the relevant authorities are currently involved in the process of fixing and resurfacing the road to address cracks that have developed due to the aging of the bitumen.

While extending his condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives on the road, CS Murkomen mentioned that the contractor has taken measures to improve safety. This includes the placement of road signs and the installation of temporary speed bumps made of quarry dust in the recently repaired sections to prevent similar incidents in the future.

He emphasized, “Installing these speed bumps and reducing the speed limit to 50 kilometers per hour, as indicated by the signage and required in construction zones, will help maintain the road’s quality and ensure the safety of road users.”

Furthermore, he stated, “Police officers have also been stationed near the construction sites to prevent motorists from exceeding the prescribed 50 kilometers per hour limit.”

CS Murkomen acknowledged that the ongoing repairs have been hampered by heavy traffic on the road, which the contractor must contend with while adhering to strict completion timelines for the maintenance work.

Therefore, Murkomen urged motorists using the road to exercise caution, follow the posted signs, and adhere to the designated speed limit when approaching areas under maintenance.

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