Caleb Odanga, a 7-year-old first-grade student at Greens Angels Academy, has sadly passed away following a tragic incident during a school trip. After falling from a merry-go-round swing, Caleb was placed on life support in the hospital for three weeks. This incident occurred at Destiny Gardens in Ruiru, leading to a traumatic brain injury, and he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Kenyatta University Teaching, Referral, and Research Hospital (KUTRRH).

Medical professionals at the hospital informed the family that there was no realistic chance of recovery, and no medical treatments could change the situation. They recommended that the family make the difficult decision to withdraw life support, which they eventually did when Caleb passed away on a Friday.

Prior to this heartbreaking outcome, the family had sought second opinions from various surgeons, even considering the possibility of taking their son to India for treatment. Now, with a substantial hospital bill of over Ksh.1.5 million, the family is reaching out to the community for support as they prepare to lay their only son to rest.

The family had previously raised concerns about the school’s response to the accident, accusing the school administration of neglecting them. In contrast, the school’s director refuted these allegations, asserting that the institution was willing to assist the family in any way possible.

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