Worldcoin cryptocurrency project users faced significant issues on Monday as they were unable to claim their granted tokens on the platform. The application went offline due to the company attributing the problem to high traffic levels.

Grants in this context refer to one-time cryptocurrency payments awarded to individuals who join the Worldcoin network. However, several users who attempted to access the project’s Reality Application encountered error messages like ‘Can’t get data’ and ‘Returning shortly,’ along with a notification stating, “World Application is experiencing higher than normal traffic. It will return shortly, please try again later.”

Worldcoin responded to user complaints through its customer support account on the X online platform (previously known as Twitter), stating, “The Application is currently under maintenance, it will be back soon.”

Additionally, on the project’s official website, the company informed users to expect delays and issued an apology. A notice read, “We are currently experiencing a high volume of support tickets. Please expect a delay in responses as we dedicate our efforts to resolving your issues. It is best if you do not submit multiple tickets at this time. We greatly appreciate your patience.”

In the midst of these difficulties, users who managed to successfully process their claims reported receiving 10 WLD tokens from Worldcoin. At the time, the value of one WLD token was approximately $2.07 (equivalent to about Ksh. 386).

Worldcoin is owned by OpenAI, a US-based artificial intelligence (AI) company. The project has gained considerable traction, with over 350,000 people verifying their online identity, known as World ID, by scanning their irises with the Worldcoin Sphere.

Initially, new members were receiving 25 free WLD tokens, valued at Ksh. 8,256, after completing the verification process. However, last week, the government intervened and suspended all activities associated with the crypto project due to security concerns. The suspension will remain in place until relevant authorities can ensure the absence of any security risks.

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