Nancy Kigunzu, also known as Mathe wa Ngara, is currently inquiring about the whereabouts of the Ksh.13.4 million that the police confiscated from her. Her legal representatives, Danstan Omari and Cliff Ombeta, have communicated that this money should be treated as evidence and not seized by the government.

In the court hearing, it was emphasized that the fairness of the proceedings is of utmost importance, as asset recovery is not a participant in the ongoing case.

Mathe wa Ngara’s lawyers raised the question of who currently holds custody of the evidence in question.

In response, the prosecution argued that the money could potentially be subject to forfeiture. They indicated that they possess documentation detailing the chain of custody, which they plan to submit to the court at a later time, though not on the present day.

The police discovered the money, along with narcotics, during a raid on a location suspected to be connected to Kigunzu.

Recently, the High Court ruled that the Ksh.13.4 million should be placed into the Assets and Recovery Agency’s (ARA) preservation account at the Kenya Commercial Bank.

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