In January of 2023, a tragic incident occurred at Juja dam where a man and his female companion lost their lives as their vehicle slid into the deep waters. Even after eight months since the unfortunate event, the memory of this tragedy continues to linger and is a subject of hushed conversations among both residents and visitors. A series of efforts have been undertaken at the dam in an attempt to change the narrative that has been associated with it due to the tragic incident. To reshape the dam’s image, a new system has been implemented requiring visitors to pay an entry fee, applicable to both vehicles and pedestrians. A vigilant security guard stands at the entrance, carefully monitoring access to ensure that only authorized individuals are allowed into the premises. As a safety measure against accidents or unauthorized entries into the water, protective barriers constructed from tires have been erected around the dam. Additional security personnel are strategically placed nearby, diligently observing individuals who are parking or sitting in close proximity to the water’s edge, prioritizing their safety. One of the attendants emphasized, “Our utmost concern is the safety and wellbeing of every person who seeks relaxation and enjoyment in this tranquil environment.” The entry fee structure entails a charge of Ksh 50 for motorists, while pedestrians are required to pay Ksh 30 per person. An attendant at the entrance pointed out that the primary mode of arrival is through vehicular traffic. In the vicinity, a uniformed security guard remains watchful, ready to address any potential disturbances that might arise. According to the attendants, many visitors still come to the dam to enjoy themselves and spend quality time.

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