Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) detectives have apprehended two Police Constables (PCs) stationed at Eastleigh North Police Station for allegedly soliciting a Ksh.100,000 bribe from a local businessman.

PC Raphael Nzioka and PC Nancy Kerubu were taken into custody on Thursday following reports that they had entered a mobile shop in the bustling Nairobi neighborhood and seized mobile devices valued at Ksh.300,000 without a valid reason.

“Afterward, the officers requested a Ksh.100,000 bribe from the complainant to return the confiscated mobile phones. In response, the trader sought assistance from the Commission,” a source within EACC informed Citizen Digital.

“EACC investigators launched an operation upon verifying the allegations, resulting in the arrest of the two police officers while they were in the process of receiving the demanded bribe.”

The two law enforcement officers underwent questioning at Integrity Centre Police Station before being transported to Kilimani Police Station for detention pending further legal procedures.

EACC Spokesperson Eric Ngumbi, confirming the arrests, pointed out that the commission had received numerous complaints regarding cases of extortion and bribery involving police personnel.

“The emerging pattern suggests that, in many instances, it goes beyond simply seeking bribes to avoid legal action; it amounts to outright extortion of money from individuals who have no legitimate charges of breaking the law,” he remarked.

“In order to combat this problem and alleviate the suffering experienced by citizens in such situations, EACC expects Police Commanders at all levels to take on the responsibility of ensuring that officers under their command refrain from engaging in these reprehensible activities, which are not only illegal but also morally unacceptable.”

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