A woman says that her husband, a son of a former governor, does nothing but sleep, drink, play video games, and not provide for their children.

In court papers seen by Resident Computerized, the lady says they were hitched in a major wedding held at the Kenya School of Money related Examinations in 2015, yet that the man later deserted her and their three minors and returned to his folks’ home.

The lady currently believes that the court should arrange the alienated spouse to pay Ksh.112,000 as support for the upkeep of their kids.

According to this sum, she, is to go towards counterbalancing the three minors’ month to month expenses as follows; Food (Ksh.60,000), Dress (Ksh.10,000), Clinical (Ksh.15,000), Power (Ksh.5,000), Water (Ksh.4,000), House help (Ksh.15,000), and Gas (Ksh.3,000).
She guarantees that regardless of the way that the man was not utilized even before he deserted them, needed nothing as he supposedly profited from privately-run companies.

She claims that the ex-Gov.’s son “has been refusing to get a job, turning down numerous job opportunities with flimsy excuses and spends all his time sleeping, smoking, drinking, or playing video games,” as stated in the court documents.

The lady contends that the man has resolvedly wouldn’t assume up his parental liability, and has now documented a case trying to compel her out of their wedding home, which she says would deliver the minors destitute.

On his part, while the previous Lead representative’s child concedes that he is to be sure the dad of the minors, he blames the individual for not dealing with them.

He claims that he has not been able to find a job that pays well and that he has moved out of their marital home to get help for his severe depression, which he says is caused by the mental and physical abuse he allegedly received from his ex-wife.

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