The family of Patrick Macamba, a 45-year-old man from Thiba in Mwea Constituency, Kirinyaga County, experienced a shocking turn of events. Patrick had gone missing last week, prompting his family, led by his brother Michael Machamba, to seek help from the community to find him. Sadly, their search ended in sorrow when they discovered his body at Kerugoya Mortuary.

The mortuary attendants informed the family that Patrick’s body had an injury on his neck, suggesting foul play. The family suspects that he was killed by unknown individuals. Patrick’s cousin, Pius Kathuri, revealed that his body was found in Togonye, which is over 30 kilometers away from Thiba ward. Notably, Patrick worked as a mason in local villages, and it’s believed that his killers may have wanted to eliminate him, as they left his motorcycle at the location where his body was found.

Before his body was found, Patrick had been residing in a rented house in Red Soil, located in the Mathangauta sub-location. The family recounted that his phone was discovered by a woman along the road in Red Soil village. The woman handed the phone to someone who recognized Patrick and eventually took it to Wanguru police station.

Mwea East sub-county police commander James Mutua stated that the police have initiated investigations to determine the circumstances surrounding Patrick’s death. The police reported the body as unknown and transported it to Kerugoya County referral mortuary. Additionally, Patrick’s motorcycle remains at Tangi police station as the investigation unfolds. The family and community are left grappling with the tragic loss and seeking answers about the events leading to Patrick Macamba’s untimely death.

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