The family of a 28-year-old Kenyan man who passed away after being handcuffed and immobilized on the floor by sheriff’s deputies and medical personnel has reached a settlement of Ksh.1.2 billion ($8.5 million) in an out-of-court wrongful death agreement. A judge officially approved this settlement, as indicated by public records. Earlier this year, Otieno’s death was determined to be a homicide due to asphyxiation.

According to a joint statement from the family’s attorneys, Mark Krudys and Ben Crump, who also represent the families of Tyre Nichols and George Floyd, the family is content that they were able to resolve the matter outside of the courtroom in a way that pays tribute to Irvo’s life.

A prosecutor released surveillance footage showing Otieno being restrained on the floor by multiple security personnel at a Virginia state mental health facility just before his demise. The video depicted Otieno, with his hands and feet bound, being forcefully brought into a room and positioned in an upright seated position on the floor, leaning against a chair.

Ten minutes later, after Otieno had shifted onto his side, with three individuals holding him, his body experienced spasms, and an additional five deputies and staff members joined in to hold him on the floor.

After 12 minutes of being pinned down, one deputy was seen checking Otieno’s neck pulse, but Otieno remained unresponsive. Three more minutes passed before CPR was initiated, with Otieno still in restraints.

Caroline Ouko, Otieno’s mother, expressed her distress at a news conference, saying, “My son was treated in a deplorable manner, worse than an animal. I witnessed it firsthand in the video.”

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