A woman engaged in trading reportedly lost her life on Tuesday morning when she was assaulted in the neck by suspected criminals within Nyama Villa estate, Embakasi Central.

Local inhabitants informed Wananchi Reporting that the woman sustained multiple stab wounds as she departed from her residence earlier in the day.

As per the residents’ accounts, three individuals on a motorcycle attacked the woman and subsequently attempted to flee.

The disturbance, however, drew the attention of nearby residents who blocked off parts of the estate and pursued the assailants.

“One of the residents who identified herself as Anna Oliecha stated, “The three men hopped onto a motorcycle and attempted to escape while residents pursued them on foot.”

John Kuria, an area resident, explained, “A group of motorcycle taxi riders parked in the vicinity obstructed the escaping criminals by striking their motorcycle, causing them to scatter on the road.”

One of the perpetrators was apprehended and subjected to physical violence, resulting in his demise, and his body was then incinerated along with the motorcycle.

A second suspect reportedly fled and sought refuge within a brothel. The police, alerted to the situation, reportedly combed the brothel and apprehended one suspect. A third suspect managed to elude capture.

Officers from Kayole Police Station arrived at the scene, documented the charred body, and subsequently transported it to the morgue.

There are also reports indicating that the unidentified woman succumbed to her injuries while being rushed to the nearby Mama Lucy Hospital.

Residents have expressed growing concerns about the increasing levels of insecurity in the area.

Recently, criminals burglarized a school, stealing a considerable amount of printing paper, seating, and other school supplies.

The residents are now calling for an improvement in security measures by the police in the area.

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