Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has announced his mission to secure unwavering backing from the influential Mount Kenya region, a region that played a pivotal role in President William Ruto’s rise to power. Gachagua made this commitment to unite the people of the Mount Kenya region behind President William Ruto during a church service in Nandi County, where he presided over a fundraiser at the Kapsabet ACK church.

Gachagua acknowledged his achievement in delivering a substantial 87% of the Mount Kenya votes to President Ruto in the recent elections. He expressed his determination to win over the remaining 13% to ensure that William Ruto receives 100% of the votes in the 2027 General Elections.

He stressed that President Ruto’s path to victory, much like his victory in 2022, depends on a united front from Mount Kenya and urged the residents of the region to support the Kenya Kwanza administration while disregarding opposition voices.

Gachagua defended his stance by highlighting that when he talks about this, he means to include people who were coerced into joining a political party due to pressure, emphasizing his goal of bringing everyone on board in support of President William Ruto.

These remarks from Gachagua followed President William Ruto’s recent statements during a visit to Homabay County, where he mentioned that Azimio la Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga owed him a political favor. Ruto reiterated his past support for Odinga, anticipating reciprocal support in the 2027 general elections.

In contrast to Deputy Rigathi Gachagua’s perspective, President Ruto emphasized his commitment to a united nation, rejecting the idea of Kenya resembling a company with shareholders. He rejected discrimination based on political affiliations and encouraged Kenyans not to be swayed by divisive rhetoric. Instead, he emphasized the government’s mission to bring development to every corner of the country.

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