The government has taken action to address the increasing tension at the Kericho-Kisumu border in Sondu town, where clashes have resulted in at least seven fatalities and multiple injuries. Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki, in a statement on Thursday evening, announced that the government had decided to reassign security leaders from both sides of the border. CS Kindiki also emphasized that any security personnel implicated in the clashes would be relocated, and those responsible for the crimes would be apprehended. Additionally, a multi-agency security team has been deployed to Sondu to restore peace and normalcy to the area.

Kindiki stated, “Tonight, the government has dispatched a group of specialized security personnel to address the rising criminal violence in Sondu Town and its surroundings. Over the past two days, lives have been lost, property damaged, and public order severely disrupted.” He further explained that the joint effort of Rift Valley and Nyanza regional security teams would oversee the special deployment, with clear instructions to swiftly restore normalcy and prosecute all individuals responsible for the heinous crimes committed against the people of Sondu Town and its vicinity.

The Interior chief also mentioned that additional measures to quell the violence and restore peace would be announced on Friday, following an assessment and review of the existing measures.

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