Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki has issued a stern directive to security personnel, urging them to deal decisively with armed criminals and to employ their firearms within the bounds of the law to safeguard the lives and property of citizens.

Kindiki made this declaration during the inauguration of the newly established Anti-Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) Camp in Mulango, Isiolo County, on Friday. During the event, he reaffirmed the government’s unwavering commitment to eradicating livestock theft and banditry.

He expressed his admiration for the dedication and bravery displayed by the country’s security officers in their ongoing battle against criminal elements, some of whom have tragically paid the ultimate price in the line of duty.

“We extend our heartfelt tribute to our patriotic security officers who have valiantly confronted armed criminals, with some of them making the ultimate sacrifice,” he remarked.

Kindiki also emphasized that security personnel should utilize their firearms strictly within the boundaries of the law to protect both citizens and their property. He warned that any armed criminals challenging the authority of security agencies would face severe consequences.

The CS also acknowledged that despite continuous efforts to track and neutralize armed criminals who have been a persistent threat to innocent citizens and their economic well-being, the government remains committed to equipping security officers with modern technology and equipment to tackle emerging and complex security challenges.

He declared, “The year 2023 is dedicated to putting an end to livestock theft and banditry in North Rift Valley Counties, Upper Eastern, and Coastal regions. The government will establish additional security camps, deploy specialized security personnel, and establish administrative units to bring essential services closer to the people.”

Notable attendees at the event included Isiolo Governor Abdi Ibrahim Guyo, Deputy Governor Dr. Joseph Lowasa, Senator Fatuma Dulo, Woman Representative Mumina Bonaya, as well as members of the Eastern Regional and Isiolo County Security and Intelligence Committees.

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