The most common crime reported at the border points of Suam, Malaba, and Busia is forgery of travel documents, according to the Ministry of Interior and National Administration.

According to Interior Principal Secretary Dr. Raymond Omollo, document forgery accounted for at least 40% of all crimes committed at the aforementioned border crossings between June 2022 and June 2023.

Talking in Lwakhakha Port of Passage and Exit on Wednesday, Dr. Omollo anyway highlighted that vigorous measures have been carried out to protect and safeguard the trustworthiness of the country’s movement strategies.

“It is to my greatest advantage and we all that our places of section and exit should work. That doesn’t necessitate doing anything unusual or different from what we already do. Dr. Omollo stated, “We must maintain and support the multi-agency approach to operations at the border point.”

He additionally uncovered that during the period under audit, drug dealing made up 21% of all wrongdoings announced at the three line focuses, with authorities holding onto controlled substances like heroin, marijuana and cocaine destined for various pieces of the nation and the bigger EA district.

Dr. Omollo thus requested government authorities nearby to stay careful to decrease the recurrence of the wrongdoing.

He went on to say that during the same time frame, authorities in charge of border control seized a significant portion of illegal and counterfeit goods, including pharmaceutical drugs, sugar, maize, alcohol, ethanol, and counterfeit goods. These items accounted for 15% of all confiscations.

Besides, specialists additionally effectively captured 12 people on their needed rundown during the period.

In an effort to expand opportunities for legitimate economic activities for people in the East African region, the PS also reiterated the government’s commitment to facilitating the safe and smooth movement of people and goods across Kenya’s borders.

We ought to move without a hitch. In the following two months, what we’ll expect is an update and we’ll do a development,” he expressed.

On Tuesday, Dr. Omollo drove an administration designation on a comparable evaluation visit through the One Stop Boundary Post in Suam, which is 86% finished.

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