The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) has opened its online application portal to students applying for government scholarships, loans, and bursaries at universities and other higher education institutions.

During an interview on Citizen TV’s The Explainer Show on Tuesday night, HELB CEO Charles Ringera stated that the platform went live at midnight on Monday.

He said understudies looking to profit from the public authority financing have until August 27, 2023, to present their applications before the window closes.

“Applications for grants, credits and bursaries opened the previous evening at 12 PM… we close that application on the 27th of this current month,” Ringera said.

Mr. Ringera reminded candidates that the stage will expect them to give essential reports including their Personality Cards (IDs) as well as those of their folks/gatekeepers, and confirmation papers from the foundations in which they are to be consumed.

Dr. Agnes Wahome, CEO of Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS), who was also on the same platform, said that the transfer window, which lets students and applicants switch schools and courses, would open next week.

As to moves, Ringera, hence, prompted those looking for government subsidizing to consider the exchange of establishments since the two administrations would work amicably.

“As the information of KUCCPS is transforming, it changes straight away on the stage for financing; regardless of whether they change, then, at that point, straight away it will change on the foundation of financing, importance when the understudy is applying in another establishment, then, at that point, we can flawlessly see the data coming through,” he made sense of.

Applications for Kenya Medical Training Colleges (KMTC) and primary Teacher Training Courses (TTC) are currently being accepted by KUCCPS and will be accepted until this Friday, August 4.

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