Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi highlighted that Kenya is purposefully leveraging information and communication technology (ICT) to drive economic transformation. By strategically investing in technology, Kenya aims to position itself as a central technological gateway for the whole African continent.

During the unveiling of the Eco-Cloud Data Centre and the Climate Resilience Innovation Challenge in Naivasha’s KenGen Industrial Park, Mudavadi emphasized Kenya’s accomplishments. These include extensive mobile network coverage, with mobile subscriptions exceeding 131 percent and 3G/4G coverage reaching 96 percent.

Mudavadi emphasized Kenya’s status as a mobile-first nation with a youthful and innovative population, making it an ideal breeding ground for creativity. He pointed out that global technology giants like Oracle, Google, Microsoft, IBM, Facebook, and VMware establishing a presence in Kenya underscores the country’s position as a leading startup hub in Africa.

In terms of infrastructure, Mudavadi highlighted Kenya’s significance as a hub for undersea cables, which bolster connectivity across the country and Eastern Africa. He praised Kenya’s skilled young workforce as a valuable asset in the evolving job landscape.

Mudavadi commended Kenya’s commitment to sustainability and green energy, noting that the country has achieved an impressive 93 percent green energy production rate. This achievement places Kenya at the forefront of sustainable development. He also mentioned that this commitment extends to powering environmentally friendly data centers and offering compelling investment prospects in the sector.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary announced the upcoming Africa Climate Action Summit and emphasized the role of the digital economy in reshaping daily work routines. He reiterated the government’s dedication to boosting digital competitiveness, propelled by increasing internet usage and a tech-savvy population.

Mudavadi discussed the rapid expansion of Kenya’s data center industry, projecting its market to double in the next half-decade. He recognized the vast potential for data center enterprises across Africa while also advocating for environmental considerations.

Mudavadi turned his attention to Konza Technopolis, known as Africa’s Silicon Savannah, designed to advance Kenya’s aspiration of transitioning into a knowledge-driven economy. He praised the center for fostering research and innovation that contribute to economic growth. Particularly, he highlighted Konza’s Data Cloud Data Centre, a Tier-3 uptime certified facility set to achieve platinum status, as a testament to its exceptional quality.

Mudavadi acknowledged the center’s role in advancing Kenya’s digitalization agenda by providing cutting-edge solutions for both the public and private sectors.

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