A man from Ematunzi village in Em’mutsa sub-location, Vihiga county, is currently evading authorities after reportedly fatally stabbing his lover in what appears to be a love triangle. The individual, identified as James Mutonyi and in his mid-30s, disappeared following reports that an altercation between him and the woman the previous night in a pub resulted in her demise.

Providing details about the incident, area assistant chief Michal Okusi confirmed that Mutonyi had received information indicating that his girlfriend was seen with another man at the pub. He went to the location, confronted her outside, and allegedly carried out multiple stabbing attacks before leaving.

“The woman was rushed to Equator Hospital in Luanda town and later transferred to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Hospital. Sadly, she was declared dead upon arrival,” stated Okusi.

Okusi went on to explain that enraged local residents then converged on Mutonyi’s residence, seeking retribution. Unable to locate him, they set fire to his one-roomed house and killed a cow in their anger.

“The mob’s intention was to punish the suspect, but when they couldn’t find him, they resorted to burning down his house and causing property damage,” Okusi added.

The official cautioned against vigilantism and advised dissatisfied individuals to seek counseling instead. He also revealed that Everline Achai, the deceased, was James Mutonyi’s girlfriend and that Mutonyi was known to have four children. Allegedly, his wife had left their marriage due to allegations of abuse.

This incident comes in the wake of another occurrence just three months ago, when a man from a neighboring sub-location, Ebusiralo, murdered his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, the victim’s family has transferred her body to the Maseno Coptic Mission Hospital Morgue for an autopsy. Local police in Luanda have initiated an investigation into the matter.

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