A Nairobi court condemned James Njuguna, a minister, to 70 years in jail subsequent to viewing him to be liable of contaminating two minors on different dates between December 24, 2014 and January 7, 2015.
He was accused of contaminating minors matured 14 and 11 at that point, as well as committing foul demonstrations with minors in Bondeni, Kajiado North sub-district.

He has been condemned to 50 years in jail in count one, and 20 years in jail in count two; the two sentences will run simultaneously.

As indicated by the court, Njuguna used to let his casualties know that the liquid was the blood of Jesus entering and purifying them.

The court heard that he let his casualties know that is private parts contained oil from God.

The terrible wrongdoing, as indicated by court reports, was possibly found when one of his casualties became pregnant.

During the consultation, the minister went through two DNA tests in which he was affirmed as the dad of the minor brought into the world to his casualty in 2015.

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