A Manchester United supporter from Eldoret found himself in the hospital after attempting to consume a whole tray of boiled eggs as part of a bet with his Arsenal-fan friends. Thomas Kiptanui Kemboi, also known as Kapkeno, had engaged in a wager with his Arsenal-supporting buddies during the weekend’s clash between the two teams at the Emirates Stadium.

Kapkeno had pledged to eat an entire tray of boiled eggs if Manchester United lost to Arsenal, and when his team indeed suffered a defeat, he began the egg-eating challenge. In a video of the incident, his friends, who had won the bet, cheered him on as he consumed egg after egg, occasionally pausing to drink water.

However, when he reached the 15th egg, Kapkeno suddenly collapsed, and initially, his friends laughed, thinking it was all a prank. But the situation quickly turned serious when they realized he was genuinely distressed. They rushed him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with constipation. Kapkeno received medical treatment and was discharged once his condition stabilized.

“One moment, I was full of energy and ready to complete the challenge in front of me, and the next moment, I found myself in the hospital with an IV drip in my hand. I was diagnosed with constipation and received three IV fluids. I am thankful that I am now recovering well,” Kapkeno shared, as reported by The Standard.

In the football match, Manchester United lost 3-1 to Arsenal in a thrilling encounter. The Red Devils thought they had secured a victory when Alejandro Garnacho scored their second goal after coming off the bench, but VAR ruled it offside. Arsenal broke the hearts of Manchester United fans when their new signing, Declan Rice, scored in added time, followed by Gabriel Jesus sealing the win with a well-placed shot, leaving Diogo Dalot on the floor and goalkeeper Andre Onana off balance.

The intense rivalry between these two clubs is evident.

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