Manchester United and Mason Greenwood have reached an agreement for the young forward to leave Old Trafford following allegations of abuse. The 21-year-old player had been suspended by the Premier League club since January 2022 due to allegations involving a young woman, which were circulated online. However, the criminal case against Greenwood was dropped in February, citing the withdrawal of key witnesses and the emergence of new evidence.

In a comprehensive statement, Manchester United announced on Monday that both parties acknowledged the challenges of Greenwood returning to his career with the club. As a result, they mutually decided that it would be best for him to pursue his career elsewhere, away from Old Trafford. The club expressed its intention to support Greenwood in this transition.

Greenwood, whose contract extends until June 2025, asserted his innocence regarding the initial allegations and emphasized that he was cleared of all charges in February. He did, however, admit to making mistakes in his personal relationship that contributed to the situation publicized on social media. He expressed gratitude towards Manchester United for their backing since he joined the club at a young age, and he acknowledged his continued connection to the team.

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