Approximately 200 men have been taken into custody following their arrest at an alleged same-sex wedding in Nigeria’s southern Delta state. According to reports, many of them denied being gay and instead stated that they had attended the event in roles such as fashion designers, photographers, and models.

A spokesperson for the police, DSP Bright Edafe, reiterated Nigeria’s stance against homosexuality, emphasizing that the country neither supports nor tolerates such behavior. He made it clear that Nigeria would not adopt practices from Western countries, deeming this conduct as malevolent.

The group was apprehended on Monday after police officers questioned an individual dressed in women’s clothing on Sunday evening. Some of the detainees were reportedly attired as a bride and groom.

The accused individuals refuted the allegations, asserting that they had participated in the event as models.

In the meantime, 67 of those arrested are expected to face charges after thorough investigations are conducted.

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