Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza has openly challenged the Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) to go ahead with their planned second impeachment motion against her. Mwangaza asserts that the MCAs’ attempt to remove her from office will once again prove unsuccessful, as they lack legitimate reasons for their actions.

The Governor, who has been in a longstanding feud with the MCAs and her deputy, Rev. Isaac Mutuma, alleges that the motion currently in the works is instigated by a political party, although she refrained from specifying which one.

During her regular media briefing with a local radio station, Governor Mwangaza defied the MCAs to proceed with the impeachment motion. This move comes several months after a prior impeachment attempt was rejected by Senators.

Addressing the matter, Mwangaza stated, “I’ve heard talk of another impeachment motion… MCAs I’ve spoken to claim they are influenced by a political party.”

The embattled Governor, who successfully thwarted an impeachment bid in the Senate on December 30, 2022, urged the MCAs to thoroughly prepare and substantiate their case before introducing an impeachment motion. She remarked, “Let me make it clear… even if you are seeking an impeachment motion, you can’t arrive at a conclusion without the proper groundwork.”

Governor Mwangaza attributes her challenges to what she regards as ambitious leaders positioning themselves for the upcoming elections and refers to them as “greedy.” She believes they are laying the groundwork to succeed her in the next polls, saying, “The noise isn’t coming from ordinary citizens but from a few leaders who are preparing for the 2027 General Election.”

Despite the distractions and political battles she has faced since assuming leadership of Meru County, Mwangaza stressed her commitment to serving the county’s residents, saying, “People should understand that the Governor of Meru is a woman… as the Meru County, we have undertaken visible projects.”

The MCAs, in their initial impeachment motion last year, alleged that Mwangaza was exceeding her authority and withholding funds intended for ward development. They are currently in the process of crafting a new impeachment motion, which will soon be presented in the county assembly.

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