Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has dismissed critics who argue that his reassignment from the Trade Ministry by President William Ruto constitutes a demotion. Speaking on Thursday during the launch of Garissa Industrial Park, Kuria, in his characteristic style, launched a fierce attack on individuals he referred to as “adversaries” who are rejoicing over his removal from the Trade portfolio within just six months.

Rather than conceding that it was a demotion, Kuria asserted that he is fully prepared to serve in his new role, which he believes holds the responsibility of ensuring efficient public service delivery to the people of Kenya through all other ministries.

Kuria proceeded to ridicule his supposed adversaries, suggesting that they would soon be amazed by his exceptional performance to the extent that they might request his reassignment back to his former position by the President.

He stated, “I want you to understand that if having one ministry bothered you, how do you feel now that I’m coordinating all the ministries?”

He further remarked, “I have garnered numerous opponents, and I’m unfazed because in our nation, we are like elephants; we are not defeated by their tusks.”

Kuria then issued a challenge to anyone who might have issues with him, asserting that he is gearing up to revamp the public service starting on Monday, October 9.

He declared, “Let them come, whoever they may be, I will continue to strive to uplift Kenya. And if you dislike me, start writing… I can make one guarantee. Those who are celebrating my removal from this ministry will, within six months, approach the President and exclaim, ‘Wow! It’s too much, remove him from here again.'”

The new cabinet secretary expressed confidence in his ability to manage any ministry assigned to him.

“I am now overseeing the public service, a position passed on to me by Aisha Jumwa, who currently heads the gender ministry. If I had been given that ministry, I am confident I would have delivered effectively,” Kuria affirmed.

Kuria pledged to approach his new role with diligence, dedicating time to travel across Kenya and ensure that the government fulfills its promises to the people.

“I will apply the same enthusiasm I’ve demonstrated in promoting trade, exports, manufacturing, and industrial parks… My intention is to set this government on the right path,” he declared.

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