Moses Kuria, the newly appointed Cabinet Secretary for Public Service, Performance, and Delivery Management, has introduced a comprehensive 10-point strategy with the goal of revitalizing and improving service delivery nationwide.

In a statement released on the X platform, Kuria emphasized that his ministry aims to bolster government accountability to the public through the implementation of Wajibika Town Hall Forums, in collaboration with all ministries at the county level.

He also revealed that the government plans to introduce a digital tool to oversee performance contracts, project execution, and the individual performance of more than 90,000 public servants. The results will be shared with the public on a monthly basis.

Kuria stated, “We will introduce a digital Ombudsman tool, known as Pasha, which will allow the public to report cases of service denial or poor service by national and county government institutions. All such incidents will be made available for public and media scrutiny.”

Furthermore, he outlined plans to transform the National Youth Service (NYS) into a beacon of hope for young people. The NYS will become a mandatory leadership college for those entering public service and disciplined forces, as well as a preferred contractor for national and county governments and the private sector in Kenya and abroad. This will involve directly recruiting 100,000 youths annually and creating an ecosystem of 1 million indirect jobs.

The CS also announced intentions to position Kenya as a thought leader in governance by transforming the Kenya School of Government into the African School of Government. This institution will take the lead in addressing emerging issues such as climate action and green finance affecting the African continent.

Kuria expressed the State’s commitment to modernizing the public service by replacing older public servants with young Kenyans while maintaining an 80:20 ratio between technical and support staff. He stated, “We will provide every Kenyan, regardless of their social, economic, or political status, with the opportunity to work for the government through a digital, transparent, and verifiable hiring tool. This tool will distribute available opportunities across the country and encourage the private sector and overseas recruiters to utilize the same transparent platform for job placements and internships, adhering to the principle of ‘Jobo Bila Connection.'”

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