Former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga was reportedly abducted by unidentified individuals late on Saturday night. According to his attorney, Ndegwa Njiru, the incident occurred around 11:10 pm in the Ndederu area of Kiambu County.

Njiru explained that a vehicle with a Sudanese license plate blocked Njenga’s car. Subsequently, Njenga and his aide Felix Lakishe were forcibly taken and driven away by these unknown abductors. Remarkably, the abductors did not provide any identification or explanation for their actions as they fled with the two individuals.

Njiru expressed confusion over the situation, particularly because they were scheduled to appear in Makadara Court the following day regarding a weapons-related case. He voiced concerns that this abduction might be an attempt to create a pretext for arresting Njenga if he failed to appear in court.

It’s worth noting that Njenga had previously been arrested on July 19, 2023. During that arrest, he, his aide, and his brother were allegedly found in possession of 14 machetes, 24 Maasai swords, 46 rungus, and three jembe sticks. He subsequently appeared before Makadara Law Courts on July 25 and was released on a Ksh.100,000 bail.

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