Jackson Mobisa Marucha, the Nyamira Region based grade teacher who supposedly caned a student multiple times on Walk 26, was on Wednesday charged at the Keroka Regulation Courts where he argued not blameworthy to hurting the minor.

Four minors affirmed in the confidential court meeting whose next hearing has been moved to October 4, 2023.

Marucha, an educator at Riang’ombe Elementary School in Borabu, is said to have violently slid on the 9-year-old Grade Four understudy after he detailed that his school garbs had been taken from the clothesline.

After realizing the extent of the boy’s injuries, Marucha reportedly attempted to cover up the heinous act by locking him up in a dorm and refusing to treat him.

So harmed was the kid that a piece of tissue was absent from his bottom following the occurrence.

The disagreeable beating occurrence just became exposed after the kid’s cohorts informed the minor’s uncle, who had gone to visit him in school, of his dilemma.

The kid’s uncle was apparently banished from seeing him by the school organization preceding the disclosure by the minor’s colleagues.

When the boy was recuperating at Nyamira Referral Hospital at the time, he told medical staff that Marucha brutally attacked him despite his pleas for mercy.

Kenyans on Twitter, drove by previous Nairobi Lead representative Mike Sonko, required the prompt capture of the instructor after the story became a web sensation via virtual entertainment.

On June 4, Marucha was apprehended after being on the run for nearly two months.

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