Opera, a global web innovator, has teamed up with Safaricom to provide complimentary data services in Ethiopia, as part of its broader mission to enhance internet accessibility throughout Africa. This effort aligns with Opera’s Free Data initiative launched in 2017, primarily aimed at African consumers. To date, Opera has invested over $100 million in the region to expand internet access and deliver fast, reliable connectivity.

Through collaborations with local telecommunications companies, Opera has already assisted nearly 40 million individuals across five countries, granting them up to 3 GB of free monthly browsing. This initiative has facilitated the establishment of businesses, improved connectivity with loved ones, and enabled easier access to education, all at an affordable cost. In Kenya alone, Opera has invested more than $12 million in free data campaigns over the past three years.

Jørgen Arnesen, Executive VP Mobile at Opera, expressed enthusiasm for Ethiopia’s potential as a large and growing nation. However, he noted that the country’s internet penetration rate is currently only at 16.7 percent nationwide. Opera aims to collaborate with its long-time partner Safaricom to contribute to the expansion of Ethiopia’s digital economy, similar to how they introduced many Kenyan users to the internet in the past.

Under this campaign, Opera users can enjoy up to 50 MB of free daily browsing when using Opera Mini or Opera for Android on the Safaricom network. It’s important to note that this offer excludes video streaming and file downloads and is applicable only to the latest versions of Opera Mini and Opera for Android.

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