Pastor Ezekiel Odero has lodged an appeal against the decision of the Registrar of Societies to deregister his ministry, known as the Newlife Prayer Centre and Church. Ezekiel asserts that the government’s action to deregister his ministry is unlawful and should be reversed.

Ezekiel Odero, through his legal representatives, is urging the Attorney General to respond to the matter within 90 days starting from today.

Ezekiel, along with his legal team, maintains that the church will continue to operate while awaiting communication from the Attorney General.

Lawyer Martina Swiga stated, “This seems like an attempt to hinder his ministry. We are taking swift action, hoping for a favorable response from the Attorney General.”

The lawyers expressed concerns about the timing of the Gazette Notice, which was issued recently, despite the ministry’s cancellation having occurred in May.

“This appears suspicious and is a clear indication of bias against Pastor Ezekiel,” the lawyers commented.

Lawyer Danstan Omari highlighted that no formal notices to shut down the ministry had been served, nor had any notice to show cause been provided, as stipulated by the rules and the constitution.

According to a Gazette Notice dated August 3, 2023, four additional churches have also been deregistered.

Among the other affected churches are Goodnews International Ministries, whose deregistration occurred on May 19, and Helicopter of Christ Church, which was deregistered on the same date.

Furthermore, the Royal Park Home Owners Estate Association Langata, initially registered as a society, had its registration revoked on June 19, 2023.

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