In Kilifi County, law enforcement officers have confiscated 316 kilograms of marijuana, valued at approximately Ksh.9,480,000, following an incident where a Toyota Land Cruiser, being used for transportation, ended up in a self-induced accident on Monday afternoon.

Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations revealed that the cannabis was hidden in seven sacks and was being transported along the Kaloleni – Mavueni route inside the SUV, identified by the registration number KDC 300L at the time.

The vehicle, which had a punctured right rear tire, is suspected to have been traveling at a high speed when it veered off the road, ultimately ending up in a ditch. This forced the occupants to flee the scene.

During a subsequent search, the police discovered various registration plates, including KBQ 580K, KBZ 528N, KDA 639A, and KDC 947C (the latter being similar to those used on government agency vehicles).

The confiscated drugs have been secured as evidence, and the vehicle has been impounded while authorities initiate a search for the individuals responsible for this incident.

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