The incident described involves a clash between two groups supporting rival political factions in Kerugoya, Kenya. The conflict resulted in Kirinyaga County Woman Representative Jane Njeri Maina sustaining serious head injuries.

Njeri, who is both a lawyer and a woman representative, had accompanied her client Baragwi MCA David Mathenge to the Kerugoya Police Station to record a statement regarding allegations that Mathenge had vandalized a county government water project in Mukandu-ini village the previous week.

Following the statement, Njeri addressed the press and expressed her intention to represent Mathenge if he faces legal action. She defended Mathenge’s actions, stating that he had done nothing wrong and that the water project had been delayed for some time, causing dissatisfaction among the residents.

Trouble began when a group of suspected individuals associated with Governor Anne Waiguru’s faction disrupted the press conference. This led to clashes with supporters of the Woman Representative and the MCA, during which the suspected assailants attacked the representatives’ supporters and even stole their phones. The police were criticized for not intervening to protect the victims.

Further chaos erupted as Njeri and Mathenge, accompanied by their supporters, were walking through Kerugoya town. Another group confronted them and began throwing stones, resulting in Njeri being hit and seriously injured in the head. She was promptly taken to Kerugoya County Referral Hospital and subsequently referred to Nairobi Hospital due to the severity of her injuries.

The incident underscores the political tensions and rivalries in the region, as well as the potential for violence to erupt in situations where opposing factions clash. It also highlights the need for proper security measures during such events to prevent harm to individuals involved.

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