President William Ruto and his delegate Rigathi Gachagua won’t get a compensation expansion in the 2023/24 compensation increase for public and state officials.
In a draft gazettement seen by Resident Computerized on Wednesday, Pay rates and Compensation Commission (SRC) director Lyn Mengich expressed that the commission regarded Ruto’s solicitation that his and his delegate’s pay rates not be surveyed.

This implies that Ruto’s compensation will stay at Ksh.1.44 million, and Gachagua’s compensation will stay at Ksh.1.22 million.

In the mean time, the SRC has supported a compensation increment for other state and public officials that will produce results from July 1, 2023 to July 1, 2024.

Bureau Secretaries, for example, will have their pay rates expanded by around 3.5% to Ksh. 957,000 from 924,000.

The addition is, be that as it may, lower than the sum proposed by SRC, which would have seen CSs get a month to month compensation of Ksh. 990,000.

The proposition likewise believed that the President should acquire Ksh.1.54 million and the DP to procure Ksh.1.36 million.

Compensation installments adding up to Ksh.21.7 billion will be made to both state and public authorities.

While excusing the compensation increment, President Ruto kept up with that the pay difference among low-and high-acquiring local officials is tremendous and ought to be limited.

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