President William Ruto has declared that all remaining devolved functions will be transferred to county governments within the next 60 days. He made this announcement during the Devolution Conference in Eldoret, Uasin Gishu County. President Ruto has assigned a transition committee to collaborate with stakeholders and ensure the smooth transfer of functions, aiming to strengthen the devolution system a decade after its introduction in the country.

President Ruto emphasized the significance of appropriate funding for these functions and mentioned that a funding analysis is underway to determine the necessary financial support for the transfer process.

Furthermore, President Ruto is dedicated to ensuring the timely disbursement of funds to counties, which is crucial for the efficient operation of various services. He expressed his unwavering support for devolution and encouraged Governors to work together with him to achieve successful devolution.

The statement was made in the context of discussions regarding the devolution of health functions to county governments, a topic that has garnered significant attention from Governors.

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