President William Ruto has expressed his firm commitment to safeguarding the security of the Turkana people. He delivered this message on Thursday during his presence at the Turkana Tourism and Cultural Festival, known as ‘Tobong’u Lore,’ which translates to ‘welcome back home,’ held at the Ekalees Cultural Center.

In addressing the issue of criminal elements in the North Eastern county, Ruto emphasized his well-known slogan, ‘mambo ni matatu,’ for dealing with such rogue individuals. The President also instructed Interior Cabinet Secretary Prof. Kithure Kindiki to deploy additional National Police Reserve (NPR) officers to Turkana to strengthen the county’s security forces.

He made it clear that criminals who have relocated to Kapedo would face limited options: leaving Kenya, going to prison, or facing divine judgment. Ruto stated his determination to maintain peace in Turkana and mentioned plans to have NPR officers complete their training within the next three weeks to enhance security in the area.

Furthermore, the President recognized the vital role of education in Turkana’s development. He assured residents that schools affected by insecurity would be reopened, ensuring that children in Turkana County have access to quality education. He also revealed that 820 teachers had been newly employed in Turkana and emphasized the importance of having children back in school.

In addition, President Ruto disclosed diplomatic efforts to secure the release of Turkana pastoralists detained in Uganda through discussions with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

The President also announced the construction of water dams in Turkana to provide easy access to clean water and reduce the need for residents to search for it elsewhere.

Regarding healthcare, Ruto outlined plans to deploy 2,300 community health promoters to provide essential health services to Turkana residents, focusing on prevention rather than addressing illnesses at advanced stages. He mentioned a disbursement of Ksh.70 million for health equipment to serve the people of Turkana County.

Finally, President Ruto unveiled his vision for Kenya to become a Visa-free destination, inviting people from around the world to explore Turkana’s unique cultural and natural heritage. He emphasized that this is not just a local or national celebration but a global celebration for all of humanity, given Turkana’s significance as the cradle of mankind.

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