President William Ruto has cautioned the leaders and supporters of the Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition against fostering hostility in the country. He emphasized that such actions deter both local and international investors who have shown interest in the country’s economic opportunities. The President expressed concerns that opposition-led protests after elections disrupt development by creating an unfavorable environment for investors.

During his visit to Victory Fish Farms in Homa Bay County as part of his Nyanza tour, President Ruto stressed that international investors are apprehensive about the Azimio demonstrations, which sometimes result in property damage and loss of lives. He affirmed his government’s commitment to fostering a peaceful environment conducive to economic stability.

President Ruto shared his global experiences, mentioning encounters with potential investors who expressed interest in investing in Kenya but raised concerns about the region being associated with conflict, unrest, and protests. He emphasized the need to maintain peace to attract investors and promote the country’s growth.

The President stated that ongoing violence and hostility continue to deter potential investors, underscoring the importance of Azimio leaders refraining from engaging in unnecessary politics that primarily aim to harm businesses and property.

He urged Kenyans to uphold peace and tolerance for the sake of national unity and economic stability, highlighting that a peaceful environment is crucial for businesses to thrive in international markets. President Ruto emphasized that violent behavior and the destruction of property and businesses would deter investments in Kenya, undermining the nation’s progress.

He concluded by expressing his desire to see Homa Bay prosper without being associated with violence, rejecting the idea that any benefits could come from such turmoil.

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