Tanzanians will now have to dig deeper into their wallets following an announcement by President Samia Suluhu’s administration of an increase in fuel prices. This adjustment is a result of heightened charges in the global fuel market.

The Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA) in Tanzania has disclosed that the price of one liter of petrol in Dar-es-Salaam will be Tsh.3213 (equivalent to Ksh.183), marking an increase from the previous Tsh.3199 (Ksh182). Diesel will now be priced at Tsh.3259 (Ksh.186), up from Tsh.2935 (Ksh.167).

Furthermore, the prices will also be influenced by the importation route, with petrol imported through the Tanga port now costing Tsh.3259, compared to the previous Tsh.3245. Petrol imported through the Mtwara port will be sold at Tsh.3285, a rise from Tsh.3271.

These new price adjustments will take effect on September 6, 2023. Notably, this is the highest price list ever witnessed in Tanzania and comes just a month after prices were raised by Ksh.27. According to EWURA Director General James Mwainyekule, the increase in the cost is primarily attributed to the scarcity of petroleum products, which has led to an increase in cap prices, subsequently impacting importation costs into Tanzania.

In summary, Tanzanians will be facing an increased financial burden as a result of the government’s decision to raise fuel prices, driven by various factors including global market trends and challenges in the availability of US Dollars.

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