President William Ruto restated his determined plan to create job opportunities for Kenyan youth, affirming his willingness to make any necessary efforts to achieve his vision. Speaking at a church service, he explained that his government is actively intervening to offer employment prospects for young people, with the housing initiative being a key step.

Ruto emphasized that his commitment goes beyond mere housing; it’s about generating employment for the youth. He indicated that the government is committed to exploring various sectors to address the escalating unemployment crisis comprehensively, including the digital realm and labor exportation. In addition, President Ruto underscored the government’s intention to enhance education by providing free meals to underprivileged children, ensuring they can attend school regularly.

He noted a partnership with the Nairobi governor to provide meals for 250,000 children from informal settlements. Ruto humbly requested prayers for the government’s success in maintaining its focus and dedication to achieving the outlined objectives. He also expressed the aim to prevent any form of corruption or mismanagement that could impede the nation’s progress.

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