Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei has countered critics who have voiced concerns about the Kenyan government’s decision to send police officers to Haiti for a security mission. In a statement released on Wednesday, he expressed confidence that Kenyan troops would succeed in disarming the numerous gangs that have long been terrorizing Haiti and controlling the country.

Senator Cherargei used a biblical reference, likening Kenya’s role in Haiti to that of transforming it into a prosperous nation, as described in the Bible with the phrase “flowing with milk and honey,” which signifies victory and reclamation.

Cherargei stated, “The U.N Security Council approval for Kenya to lead the restoration of peace & security in Haiti is a testament to our country’s role in the global community.” He emphasized that the Kenyan security personnel being dispatched to Haiti would be selected from highly skilled special units.

He clarified, “Our deployment to Haiti consists of not regular police but Special Forces / Paramilitary Police trained to deal with the criminal gangs in Haiti. Within the next year, Haiti will experience prosperity, likened to a land flowing with honey and milk, thanks to Kenya’s peace efforts,” as declared by the Nandi Senator.

Cherargei’s remarks align with statements made by allies of President William Ruto, who have endorsed the government’s decision despite public criticism.

Nelson Koech, Chairperson of the National Assembly Defence and Foreign Relations Committee, disclosed that the officers chosen for the Haiti mission would be drawn from specialized police units such as the Recce Squad and Rapid Deployment Unit.

On Tuesday, United States President Joe Biden, in a phone call with President Ruto, expressed gratitude for Kenya’s willingness to lead the Multinational Security Support (MSS) mission in Haiti, saying they had answered Haiti’s call.

On Monday, the United Nations Security Council approved a year-long multinational security mission for Haiti, led by Kenya. Several other countries, including Jamaica, Barbados, and Antigua and Barbuda, have also pledged to join the mission.

Kenya has committed to deploying 1,000 security personnel for the mission, aimed at combating the long-standing gang violence characterized by widespread murders, kidnappings, and extortion in Haiti.

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