A police officer has been apprehended in Homa Bay County after using a machete to attack his superior, following a reported disagreement concerning a detained suspect. The incident occurred at Pala Police Post in Ndhiwa Sub-County. The subordinate constable, who serves at the police post, is accused of physically assaulting his higher-ranking boss named Koech Kimutai.

The altercation between Kimutai, the head of Pala Police Post, and the constable originated from a dispute over a detained suspect. After noticing that the detainee was missing from their holding cell, Kimutai approached the constable’s residence to inquire about the suspect’s whereabouts. However, the constable’s response was deemed unsatisfactory by Kimutai. As Kimutai persisted in seeking further information, the constable allegedly grabbed a sharp machete (referred to as a “panga”) and attacked him.

According to Kimutai’s account, the constable’s intention was to strike his head with the machete. However, Kimutai managed to shield himself using his right hand, resulting in a deep cut to his palm, causing substantial bleeding. Following the incident, Kimutai was promptly taken to Pala Health Center, where he received medical treatment and was subsequently discharged.

Law enforcement authorities arrested the constable and transported him to Ndhiwa Police Station. Samson Kinne, the Police Commander of Homa Bay County, has confirmed the launch of an investigation into the matter.

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