Inspector General of Police Japhet Koome has blamed lawmakers recruiting dead bodies from morgues and depicting them as casualties of police mercilessness.
In a media address on Tuesday Koome said the pioneers plan with mortuary specialists to take photos of the bodies, after which they post them via virtual entertainment stages to spoil the picture of the police force.

“The data I have is that they (lawmakers) go to a portion of the morgues compromise a portion of the laborers there,” the IG said.

“Individuals who passed on from some disease, individuals who kicked the bucket perhaps of a mishap or different causes, they (legislators) take photos of such bodies and fault on police. Be that as it may, we are not in that frame of mind of constantly answering legislators.”

The IG kept up with that the police have doing is commanded of them by the constitution which is to keep up with the rule of law.

The police were as of late blamed for utilizing exorbitant power during the counter government fights.

“Our own is to release our command that is to keep up with the rule of law, safeguarding life and property, legislators all they know is to talk and spread promulgation,” IG Koome said.

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