Youth Affairs and Sports Cabinet Secretary (CS) Ababu Namwamba has unequivocally stated that he will not step down from his position, despite mounting concerns about his ability to effectively manage the responsibilities of the docket. Addressing these concerns, Namwamba asserted his commitment to his role and the progress made under his leadership. In a parliamentary session on Wednesday, Namwamba faced questioning from the National Assembly regarding his performance as Sports CS.

Despite criticisms, he maintained that he has been effectively steering his Ministry since taking office in October 2022. Namwamba highlighted the challenges he encountered when assuming the role, explaining that the Sports department was in a state of disarray. However, he emphasized the collaborative efforts of his team in gradually enhancing the department’s operations, particularly for the benefit of Kenyan athletes. Addressing perceptions that he may not have complete control over his Ministry, Namwamba refuted such notions.

He acknowledged the importance of a collective approach in managing a public institution like his Ministry. He stressed his collaboration with his two Principal Secretaries (PSs) and the technical officers to share responsibilities and ensure effective governance. Namwamba vehemently defended his performance as the Youth and Sports CS. He underscored the progress achieved during his 10 months in office, highlighting the substantial improvements made to rectify the previous disorder.

Despite the criticisms directed at him, Namwamba expressed his conviction that there is no substantial basis for his resignation. He asserted that he has been executing his duties commendably as the head of the Ministry responsible for youth affairs and sports. Among the allegations faced by Namwamba is his purported failure to fulfill his mandated duties, lack of engagement with athlete welfare, and alleged misuse of privileges tied to his position.

Additionally, he has been criticized for his handling of ceremonial duties, specifically the failure to initiate and receive athletes representing Kenya in international competitions. In response to these accusations, Namwamba has consistently denied any wrongdoing. His resolute defense rests on the belief that his performance, dedication, and the discernible advancements made in the Ministry speak for his capabilities and commitment to his role.

As the debate continues around Namwamba’s capacity to effectively lead the Youth Affairs and Sports Ministry, his unwavering stance to remain in office asserts his determination to address criticisms and further contribute to the betterment of Kenya’s youth and sports sector.

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