American television host, producer, and actor Steve Harvey and his wife Marjorie Elaine Harvey have broken their silence after unconfirmed reports circulated suggesting that Marjorie had filed for divorce. Marjorie took to social media to address the rumors, expressing that she had attempted to disregard them but felt obliged to respond to her followers. Marjorie shared a passage from the Bible, conveying the idea that despite facing insults and suffering, one should refrain from retaliation and instead trust in fair judgment.

She added a caption to the Bible verse, noting that while she and her husband typically ignore false information, they recognize the responsibility that comes with their influential platform, especially towards those who may not possess the same emotional strength. Marjorie also shared a resource titled “How to handle being lied about” and encouraged her followers to pass it along to those who might be in similar situations. Meanwhile, Steve Harvey addressed the matter at the Invest Fest Market Place 2023 event, dismissing the rumors as baseless.

Steve Harvey clarified their well-being, emphasizing that the rumors were unfounded and urging people to redirect their focus elsewhere. He confidently stated that the couple was doing well and expressed his disinterest in engaging with rumors or gossip. He underscored his contentment with life and his unwillingness to be swayed by hearsay. In the lead-up to these responses, Steve had been posting video snippets that showcased quality time spent with his wife and even shared interviews discussing how they first met.

Additionally, he shared a post highlighting Marjorie’s fashion sense, subtly and lightheartedly dismissing the divorce rumors. The wildfire-like spread of the rumors during the weekend was met with skepticism from various individuals acquainted with the couple, leading to their eventual dismissal.

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