Cleophas Malala, the Secretary General of Kenya’s ruling party, the United Democratic Alliance (UDA), has inaugurated the “UDA Party Anthem Competition,” which is open to choirs and individual composers from all corners of Kenya.

On a Sunday morning, Malala encouraged talented individuals in Kenya to participate in this competition, where the winners stand to receive a grand prize of Ksh.3 million.

This competition is welcoming entries from various regions, including Nairobi, Central, Coast, Eastern, Nyanza, Western, Rift Valley, and North Eastern.

Interested individuals are advised to get in touch with the party, as further information about the competition guidelines, submission details, and deadlines will soon be provided.

The party, led by President William Ruto, is actively working to attract more members in preparation for the national elections scheduled for December 2023. Ruto has expressed the goal of transforming UDA into a nationally representative organization with members from diverse ethnic backgrounds.

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